Background Information

The Zaporizhia wind park (the “Zaporizhia Wind Park”) has been under development by EuroCape New Energy (“EuroCape”) since 2009.

The Zaporizhia Wind Park is located in Melitopol and Priazovsk Districts of Zaporizhia region, in the village councils of Divninske, Dobrivka, Dunaivka, Girsivka, Melitopol and Nadezhdine, outside the boundaries of the villages. Up to 167 wind turbines are planned for installation in the above six village councils, with a 330 kV power transmission line planned for placement in a seventh village council, Nove, also outside the boundaries of the village.

  • 167wind turbines

  • 330 kVpower transmission

The Zaporizhia Wind Park is targeted to start construction in 2019 with commissioning of the first phase planned in 2020. Subsequent construction phases are planned consecutively thereafter until the Zaporizhia Wind Park is fully built-out/operational. When fully built-out, EuroCape expects the Zaporizhia Wind Park to create enough clean, renewable, independent electricity to support 200,000 Ukrainian homes, a material contribution to Ukraine’s energy independence, and to offset 4,860,000 tons of carbon emissions.

The Zaporizhia Wind Park has been developed to-date and will be constructed entirely with private capital, at no cost to the Ukrainian state budget, including the 330 kV power transmission line and reconstruction of the electrical grid sub-station where the Zaporizhia Wind Park will connect into the unified electrical grid of Ukraine.

Committed in terms of environmental protection

EuroCape is committed to international standards of wind park development, both in terms of environmental protection and corporate social responsibility. This is reflected in the development of the Zaporizhia Wind Park through sensitivity to international bird migration corridors (locating our wind turbines >20 kilometers to the north of an important international bird migration corridor that travels along the Sea of Azov) as well as tripling the minimum legal separation of our wind turbines from the boundaries of a village.

EuroCape is thoroughly committed to corporate social responsibility and has voluntarily undertaken the following social infrastructure investments in the villages and districts in which we work (please click here to download social infrastructure presentation) since 2011. EuroCape plans additional social infrastructure investment in Priazovsk District following start of operation of each stage of the Zaporizhia Wind Park.

Impact study    Stakeholder engagement plan

A ‘win-win-win-win’ project

EuroCape’s Zaporizhia Wind Park Ukrainian project company has been registered in Priazovsk District since 2009 and we understand that we have been the largest land rent payor in Priazovsk District since 2011. EuroCape committed to paying land rent prior to start of operation of the Zaporizhia Wind Park, as a sign of commitment to the economic development of Zaporizhia Region.

EuroCape anticipates creating large numbers of temporary construction jobs during construction of the Zaporizhia Wind Park as well as smaller numbers of permanent jobs once the Zaporizhia Wind Park is operational. EuroCape is an equal opportunity employer.

EuroCape is committed to a ‘win-win-win-win’ related to its Zaporizhia wind park:

  • winfor Ukraine’s energy independence
  • winfor Ukraine’s environment
  • winfor our local citizen partners in Melitopol and Priazovsk districts
  • winfor EuroCape’s shareholders and investors.

Eurocape Ukraine I

EuroCape maintains offices in Kyiv, the city of Zaporizhia and the city of Melitopol and we may be contacted as follows:

LLC Eurocape Ukraine I

44 Shota Rustaveli Str., Kyiv 01033, Ukraine

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